effective from 1st January 2017


 Officeholder/Manager £55 & £95    



 Senior Administrator £55 & £95                       


 Junior Administrator £55                                                             

Sample Comparatives with Other Local and National Firms  are as follows: 


 Officeholder / Manager    £120 to £730 

 Senior Administrator        £100 to £257             

 Junior Administrator       £30 to £110                  

Disbursements are charged as closely as possible to actual cost with no profit or overhead or estimated element. Circular letter postage is reimbursed at actual cost, as is external copying. Any mileage is charged at Inland Revenue approved scale rate, currently 45p per mile.

VAT at 20% is chargeable on all fees and disbursements.

In common with all professional firms, hourly rates increase from time to time over the period of the administration of each insolvency case. IP Services Ltd or any successor firm reserves the right to change the rates and grade structure.


For 2017 hourly time charge rates, depending on the level of skill and responsibility involved in different types of work, are as follows in respect of levels 1 to 3: 

Most Competitive Rates in the West Country